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Hotel & Activities

Travel & local activities is one of my favorite things to market. It is like stepping into a a new world with new eyes & imagination each time I am able to work with brands locally or travel to new destinations. Highlighting my favorite features of a space in a new and unique way helps the brand expand to new potential clients, while offering fun perspectives from my point of view.

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Health & Wellness

Mind & Body

This category has always been of importance in my life & sharing brands or tips that I feel others may benefit from is a huge passion. It is so special to be able to provide a personal insight on how a product, mindset shift, or movement has helped me achieve my goals and I love to be able to share that with others.

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Children's & family brands

Reviewing brands with my children or entire family is one of the most fun & authentic reviews you will find because my girls are brutally honest. Whether it's toys, cold medicine, outdoor gear, clothing, or a book we love to try out it all and report back to all of the parents looking for a little more insight before they take the plunge. As a parent this is a huge area for me because I want to trust the brands I am buying no matter what category they fall in.

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Skincare. Makeup. Haircare

There is nothing like a refreshing & relaxing day or products that help me achieve this. I have reviewed thousands of products in this department but will only recommend brands that truly work and bonus points if they are sustainable brands. This is a key department for me because every single person wants to know what works vs. trying it all out multiple brands until finding the perfect match. This is why honesty is so key for me because I want my audience to trust me and the brands I suggest.

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