Last night was all about the 15 minute hustle. You know the one. You are going about your day the best that you can and then you catch a glimpse of the clock and BAM…your hubby is going to be home in 15 minutes and the house is a disaster.

The dishes need to be washed off, laundry needs to be folded, toys are spread over at least 5 different rooms, and dinner hasn’t even been thought about. All you can think is, “OH SHIT” as you start sprinting around the house so quickly you knock over everything in your path, including the little one scrambling to catch up with you.

At this point the little one needs your undivided attention so you throw them under your non-dominant arm and begin your sprint again, checking the clock as you go.

You throw all of the toys into a huge bin, throw some of the laundry into the drawers (or in my case- back into the hamper), you throw some raw food on the counter to make it look like somethings about to happen, and as you start running the water for your little ones bath you hear the lock on the door turn.

The hubby has arrived. You can hear him walking around as you try to catch your breath. You hear his footsteps gaining closeness and you sit baby in the tub and throw some water on those cute little curls.

The hubby has arrived. The little one is yelling “daddy, daddy” out of excitement as you show him one of those glorious smiles, afraid of what he may say because you are unsure what you actually got done before he got home.

“Hi babe, how are my two favorite ladies doing….Looks like you got a lot done today.”

Wait, I got away with it???? OMG I AM AMAZING-That is all I can think. I should start a 15 minute hustle cleaning service. Mama’s gotta do what mama’s gotta do.

Oh and this happened directly after bath…


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