My daughter has recently discovered the word Ew and it has quickly become a favorite. I have been saying it quite a bit lately and I suppose she picked up on it. For instance…

She doesn’t sit still while changing her poopy diapers so I end up with poop on me. Ew.

She decided mushing up her food was better than actually eating it and wiping it all over my arms is even better. Ew.

She also likes to clean up her runny boogies with her own hands, which inevitably ends up all the way up her arm and then at that same moment she feels the need to hug me and get those boogies all over me too. Ew.

Although, I clearly am using Ew in the correct context I am not sure she totally gets it yet. Sometimes she makes total sense and other times I have to try and decipher what she means. For instance..

She see’s bugs crawling around and says Ew. Makes sense.

She see’s cookies and gets excited and says Ew, then eats it. What?

She opens the trash can and says Ew. Makes sense.

She see’s a fluffy kitty and chases it and says Ew. What?

So, my conflict is that she does and doesn’t understand the word. Maybe she just thinks its a universal thing. like it works for anything you want it to work for. I just hope she stops saying Ew when she see’s me naked….that’s a real confidence crusher


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