I just realized I have been kind of MIA this past week. I promise its not you, its me. I am pretty sure once you become a mother, MIA becomes your official status. I can’t even tell you how many times I forget to call or text someone back because mid-message my little one decides she has to have my complete attention and it takes me two weeks to realize the message never sent (meanwhile I am thinking how rude that person was for not replying..whoops.)

I hate the feeling of being MIA too. I mean I make plans with girlfriends and mom meet-ups all of the time and I swear 90% of the time something comes up and I have to bail. I am a bailer. I mean I never intended for this to happen but it did. It’s not like I wake up every single day I have a plan with someone and wait until the last minute to cancel, its more of a progressive problem that I have developed.

For instance, I met a really sweet mama and her two kiddos 2 months ago and I loved hanging out with them. We made plans two weeks after meeting for a play-date, but Lo had a bad cough. We re-scheduled for the next week, but Lo had a cough and a fever. We re-scheduled but Lo was teething so badly we hardly slept so we were both exhausted.

I mean COME ON… you’d think i’d have at least a better excuse. But..sadly, no because although they sound like excuses it’s just the real life of having a toddler. When your baby needs you, you drop everything, because it’s what we do. #toddlermama #imabailer


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