I always knew my daughter would be a very extreme child, mostly because I am a little extreme at times ( ok maybe more than a little.) Growing up I loved to dance, play dress-up, play sports, dig in the mud, and jump off of shit (this was mostly because my brother would convince me but what are big brothers for?)

I was somewhere between sweet, sassy, and badass -although most people probably would say dramatic and reckless ( whatever..) Although, I had these interesting qualities going for me there were still some things that seriously freaked me out, one of those things is bugs.

I mean seriously, pretty much any bug. When I was really little I could play with rolly polly’s and lady bugs but that was about the extent of it. In 5th grade our teacher tried to get us to eat cooked grasshoppers with chocolate on them ( I wanted to puke all over her just for mentioning it.) Therefore, I knew my Lo would have some issues.

We went to a field the other day to play and a cute lady bug flew onto my hand. I was showing Lo how pretty it was and she loved watching it walk around and flutter it’s wings. The lady bug jumped onto Lo’s shirt and started to crawl, she thought it was funny ( for about 2 seconds.) I honestly don’t know if I have ever seen more worry in someone’s face in my life. I thought she was going to die of shock in that very moment.

She started squealing, stomping her feet, and a few tears dropped and then she let out a whale for me to save her. I honestly didn’t know if I should laugh or save her life ( which was obviously at stake..)

I decided laughing was the best option because it reminded me of myself and made me realize how ridiculous I really am sometimes. After a few moments I took the lady bug and set it on a nearby leaf. At that point I think the lady bug was far more worried that Lo and Lo was smiling again watching the bug crawl around.

I guess some things are just better at a distance..


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