If you know my “original” family very well you probably already know what my family curse is. And when I say original I don’t mean vampires, I mean my parents and my brother. (I am positive there is a name for it but I am blanking as usual.)

I am certain we have multiple family curses, because we all have exactly the same issues but we will just focus on the one for this post.

Original Family Curse: We spill something at least once a day. If we are attending any sort of a party or event you can multiply that by at least three. If there is drinking involved you can continue to add to that number and definitely add at least one broken glass.

You’d honestly think that we did it on purpose for how often it occurs. I mean you could be at a party with 50+ people and you’d hear a glass break and almost everyone would say one of my family members names. It’s quite sad.

My dad is the worst though, I mean I honestly don’t think I have EVER in my life been to a party with him without at least one spill. I mean he’s great about it, always cleans up his mess so don’t let that stop you from inviting him (he is usually the life of the party! Especially on the dance floor.)

I have realized over the years that alcohol contributes quite a bit to this curse. Not just for my family, but for everyone. This definitely makes me feel better. Like when I am out and someone else spills something I am always like “HELL YA” because now I am not the only one…

I hope that this curse doesn’t continue on to my sweet Lo, but it most likely will considering how often she spills things on purpose. Maybe she’s just trying to be like mama?


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