So, my daughter was bawling her eyes out today and I had no clue as to why. I tried everything possible to help her calm down and finally I started to sing an Adele song and be goofy because clearly being sweet and relaxing wasn’t doing the trick. It reminded me of when she was younger and I would sing and play Adele. I would never fully understand why she was so sad ( at least when it wasn’t for food, pooping, or sleeping.) So, of course today I started reminiscing on when she was younger and i’d do anything to calm her….

I remember one day I was taking Lo on a stroller ride to try and soothe her and get her outside in the fresh air. We walked for about 5 minutes until she began her wailing cry. I personally didn’t care if other people heard my infant cry because I just knew we both needed to get out and about before I went insane (Ok, i was already a bit nuts), therefore I strolled on.

We walked another couple of minutes and she was still crying. As I was about to turn around and head home she suddenly stopped. I kept walking forward because I thought maybe she is starting to enjoy it but as I took a few more steps she began to cry again. I turned around again and walked home, only to walk a few more steps and then she stopped crying again. So, I turned back around and decided to keep on our stroll, only to take a few more steps and hear her cry again. I stopped in utter confusion with my child. Here I am literally walking 5 steps and turning around over and over again, like you pushed fast forward and rewind on a movie. I looked like an insane woman, again I probably was a little insane at this point into motherhood.

At this point I decided to just stop in this spot and let her “not cry.” I wasn’t sure if the wind was hitting the air differently in this exact location or if she was catching the smells of one of the nearby restaurants but I was cool with whatever it was. Of course, it only took me a few minutes to hear it. An apartment close by with an open window and a boy inside playing guitar and singing an Adele song ( I LOVE ADELE.) I used to listen to Adele all the time while I was pregnant and sing to her when she was so little.

So as any mother would do, I stood there for 30 minutes until he stopped singing. This complete stranger that I didn’t know or even see was helping my little one fall asleep. I don’t know who you are stranger, but thanks!

Oh, and thanks Adele!


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