Airplanes alone are already super annoying but add a kid into the mix and it’s just plain exhausting. There’s never enough space, everyone is touching elbows, there’s never enough food/drinks, and you always get this terrible fear that you will miss the stewardes when she comes by with the trash bag (top 50 fears.)

But if you add a kid to the mix it’s only 100X worse. I mean The entire airplane isn’t enough space for one toddler, let alone one seat. You will definitely be touching more than elbows with your neighbors, I’m pretty sure Lo was sitting on 5 different people’s laps by the end of the flight. The food is never enough but the food Kid’s do have is never even good enough and what happens to ‘not good enough food’ -basically a frisbee for Kid’s.

If that wasn’t bad enough, let’s talk bathrooms. I’ve always prided myself on never using the bathroom on an airplane because honestly they frighten me. They’re so tiny and loud and I feel like the toilet is going to suck me up at any moment.

However, when your toddler takes a big dump on the plane you have to take action. Therefore, we trekked on to the back of the plane. Which is also terrifying (it’s like all these strangers watching you try to walk the line while you are drunk.)

Anyway… we get to the bathroom and the changing table is so small it actually took me several minutes to find. Then, Lo is literally double the size of the changing table so half of her body is falling off. ( Let’s keep in mind that she took a shit and is on this tiny thing.)

So, I take off her pants and diaper and begin to do my duty with her duty (pun intended.) Next thing I know, I drop the wipes so of course I bend over to get them. I stand up and my Lo also decided to stand up… not only did she stand up, she squatted and continued to poop and pee on the changing table…

Honestly, I can’t even finish this blog. I’m so mortified thinking about it. Although, I did spend about 25 minutes in the bathroom so I’m sure the audience I had while walking back to my seat was judging my own digestive situation..

We are heading to a wedding this weekend and have to take another plane, 2.5 hour flight, which means Lo is definitely going to shit again. Lovely….


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