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Angara Jewelry - The perfect pieces for every memory.

I remember as a little girl I would watch my mom try on her jewelry and I would beg her to let me try it on too! From pearls to diamonds I was hooked by there beauty and was in awe of how unique each piece could be. My favorite piece was my great great great grandmothers wedding ring, it was a classical piece with two diamonds next to one another, with a gold band, it was the piece I always wanted to wear while dressing up, it made me feel so special that my mom would let me wear it, like I was connected to her and my great grandmother. Then one day it fit me perfectly and I never wanted to take it off.

It was that ring that made me fall in love with jewelry. I had begun to collect more unique pieces and would always find a something meaningful behind them so that one day they could be passed on to my girls. I have found so many gorgeous styles through Angara, a jewelry brand who has a beautiful take on every piece they create. Once I learned more about Angara's purpose and that they were a family built business, I adored them even more because the history in jewelry

I was instantly drawn to so many gorgeous pieces from Angara. I had always loved all types of gemstones but I love for them to have more purpose than only special occasions. Whether I am going on a girls brunch date, all dressed up for a fancy occasion, or simply enjoying moments and creating new memories with my daughters I have found multiple gorgeous pieces from Angara.

A gorgeous band of rings is a favorite staple for me, every day! The three bands I chose all represented something special to me.

The first ring I chose for my stackable set was the Round Diamond Stackable Fashion Ring with Milgrain which was a piece that stood out to me due to the change in round to square stones, which connected me to how life is constantly changing but those changes can always be beautiful if you choose to let them be.

The second ring in this stackable set I chose was the Pavé Set Garnet Bar Ring with Milgrain. This piece stuck out to me because although it is dainty the rectangular bar holding the gorgeous sapphire gemstones reminded me of my birthday month and also of how bold something simple can be!

The third ring in this stackable set I chose was the Diamond stackable wedding band. I love this piece because it has two round diamonds next to it in each space of gold which reminded me of the relationship my husband and I have built and how even though marriage can be difficult, you can always find a way to come together!

All three of these rings remind me of life, family, and beauty and are things I can wear continuously for all occassions but also something that can be passed on to my children!

Of course, I needed a necklace that was a classic. If I am going to where a necklace on a regular basis or even for more unique occassions, it needs to be something I can layer and this Prong-Set Diamond Capital "A" Initial Pendant was the perfect option! A stunning piece that signifies my name, Andrea, as well as a beautiful reminder of how important loving and taking care of yourself is!

Now, a lot of people don't wear diamond bracelets regularly but LOOK how stunning this S Swirl Link Illusion Diamond Tennis Bracelet is. I typically like to save these types of pieces for special occasions but I could not hold off on wearing this piece out and about.

I love that it the S shape is very clearly a statement. For me, this piece reminds me of the ocean waves which is something that helps me to find a calmness.

Some of the reasoning as to why I choose each piece may seem silly to some people, but to me it brings me so much fulfillment and gratitude to be able to cherish moments and memories with each item from Angara.

Don't get me wrong I love a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL piece of jewelry just like anyone, which is where my next and final piece comes in. Natori x Angara Hexagonal Indochine Cocktail Ring With Diamond Pave! This piece is made to shine and I love how brilliant it shines!

Whether you are on the search for an everyday piece, a special occasion, or for the perfect engagement piece you can find it all Angara.

Sponsored by Angara, All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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