I would say that I am an average mom. That probably sounds horrible, right?

I cook, I do the laundry, I clean the house, I keep everyone’s shit together (well except for my own), and most importantly I love the crap out of my family. But…

I definitely don’t cook everyday, I definitely have piles of laundry, clean and dirty, lying around the house, and on most days you will find a cheetoh stuffed into the couch, but I still love the crap out of my family.

So I decided that I needed to up my averageness. Of course, I had no idea how to do this, except for finding little triumphs in each day and sharing them with my family.

For instance, the other my daughter was completely quiet in the car (this never happens.) I kept seeing her little arm waving around, so I assumed she was dancing (because that’s her best move- she got it from her mama.) When we finally got home and I went to get her out of her seat, she started flipping out. So then I started flipping out because she never flips out about getting out of that horrible thing. I sat her back down out of curiosity and her little hand flies into the corner of her seat. I thought maybe she dropped a toy or pacifier. Nope. There was a giant pile of mini chocolate chip cookies crumbled up.

I should have put this together by the chocolate smudges on her face, but like I said, I am just an average mom. So, against my better judgement, we sat in the driveway for another 5 minutes while my sweet child shoved her face full of 2 day old cookies that are probably covered in many other undiscovered goods. I swear I clean this thing every few weeks, apparently I am an average cleaner too.

After she clarified that she was all done. I decided to choose to see this as a triumph in our day. So I told her “Good eating Lolo” and clapped my hands for her. To my surprise she clapped her hands too and had a huge smile on her face and she said “baby good.”

Now, this is a real triumph I thought. My daughter linked two words together, she understood my verbal appreciation, and best of all she handed me the last chocolate chip crumble ( she’s a sharer.) Feeling proud to be an average mama


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