Does anyone else feel like they are taking care of 5 babies at one time? My daughter Lo has somehow acquired several baby dolls and taken on the roll of motherhood to its fullest potential. I guess I can't really be too annoyed though because she is so sweet and gentle with her babies...its just that she makes me do everything.

Ever since her baby sister arrived (even before) she has become addicted to babies, which is great but she literally can't do half of the things she see's me do so she makes me do them (insert eye roll.)

When she see's me change Lennon's diaper she wants me to change her babies diapers. When she see's me change Lennon's clothes she wants me to change her babies clothes.

Now this wouldn't be as annoying if she didn't have 5 baby dolls...but she does..

Luckily she doesn't make me nurse them to, she does that all on her own!

Although I wish she would stop trying to give them baths since they have cloth torsos and all..

I guess I shouldn't be so annoyed since one day I will dream of changing her babies when she is all grown up. One day I will dream of her being as an amazing mama to her children as she is at this moment to her dolls.


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