I have come to the realization that children are biologically programmed to make ridiculous amounts of messes. I mean, I have never met a child who doesn’t walk into a room and seriously go nuts on it. It’s like the presence of a clean home makes them feel uncomfortable and they must change that presence immediately.

I think I clean Lo’s room at least 7 times a day (no exaggeration.) We get out the exact same toys over and over and make the same messes every single day. Some people ask me why don’t I just leave it a mess if she is going to repeat it the next day and the next day..? I have no freaking clue. I guess I just need something to do? Playing games, building legos, and playing peek-a-boo can get a tad repetitive (and makes me feel dumb, especially when I can hardly build a toy car), so I clean it to feel like I did something more adult-ish.

My favorite messes are the ones that are unexpected, yet somehow you see it coming. For instance, today my Lo was eating skinny pop popcorn (she’s obsessed) and instead of making the adult decision to give it to her in a small cup, I gave her the entire bag. (She likes to eat it this way because she feels more mature… I think?) I am sure most of you can guess what happened next. Yep, she dumped it. Not even a small dumping, but a ‘shake, drag, and throw’ kind of dumping.

Of course, while I am cleaning up all of these messes she suddenly forms a strong bond with me and absolutely needs to be held the entire time. Especially when I use any type of cleaning supply. Seriously, you name it. The vacuum noises scare her, the broom bristles freak her out, the sponge in the sink is definitely trying to take her mama away, and the laundry absolutely needs her help (so that’s useless.)

But I still love this tiny, destructive, pain in my ass. I mean, she is pretty cute.


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