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Boosting creativity with Thomas & Friends™ Wood Track & Engines

This post is a paid promotion by Fisher-Price, and all opinions are my own.

It is so easy to get caught up in the norm of play time for your kids, but it is so important to help open up more creative opportunities for them to try new ways of exploring. One of the best things I can do for my 3 year old daughter, Lo, is to keep her adventuring and using her imagination in different ways. I love that the new Thomas & Friends   Wood Track & Engines set makes it so easy to help her adventure in all kinds of ways, like outdoors!

The first thing to getting your kids to think outside of the box is to provide them with the first tool. Lo is a huge fan of the Thomas & Friends television show so I automatically knew it would be a hit when I found  their fully painted, premium beech wood engine sets; plus, all of the parts are the perfect size for little hands to play with but not too little that they would get lost easily. 

Then all you have to do is set them up for success by starting to ask them questions like;  "Where do you want to play with your new train set?" Offering options is also a great way to help them narrow down the process because kids can often struggle with decision making.

"Perhaps, you'd like to take the trains by the tree so we can build the tracks in a circle?"

This train set is perfect for a fun day outdoors because it includes the animals! Lo knew exactly where we should set the trains and animals up because she wanted to make sure they were shaded by the tree and had the plants for eating. Her exact words were, "train rides can be long and they may need to stop for a snack by this plant. Thomas is so nice he will definitely stop for them." Offering your kids a simple setup is key to getting their imagination going and asking questions can help them move forward with their creativity! 

Taking the trains outdoors is also a wonderful, teachable moment for your kids to learn more responsibility and pick them up. We like to keep the train set in a storage bin so that Lo can get to it easily and that way she can help pick up the toys when she is all done. This is another opportunity to continue engaging and asking questions. For instance; I asked Lo why we need to put the trains away and she said "because we don't want them to get cold outside." Although it's not always the answer you'd expect, it offers her more opportunity to think in alternative ways and shows she is compassionate! 

Finding a great toy like the Thomas and Friends  Wood Track & Engines play set is the easy part, now all you have to do is provide the opportunity for them to get imaginative! Please note: Thomas & Friends™ products are intended to be used indoors.


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