Last night we made brownies after the little one went to bed in hopes of not getting her all crazy before night night time.

Of course we didn’t eat the whole pan (this time) so we had a lot left over in the morning. Lo being the dessert detective that she is spotted them instantly in the morning and wouldn’t stop asking about them.

She has never had a brownie before (mostly because we never make them) so she was extra intrigued.

Since it was only 8 am we didn’t really want her eating a bunch of sweets, especially since we already had a fun day ahead of us full of them. But she caught her dad nibbling on one (he doesn’t know how to follow his own rules) and made a fuss so he improvised.

Instead of just giving her the brownie he held it in his hand and said you want this? You want some poop? Yep, poop…this was his master plan.

He started to put it to her mouth as he said, “have some poop” to which it touched her lip and she about threw herself across the room. She came back to dad after a few seconds as he offered her it once again, this time saying brownie. She put it into her mouth and began to chew, obviously enjoying it. So dad said, “Lo you like the poop.?”

EW. GROSS. are the two words she yelled as she spit the brownie out of her mouth and ran to dad for protection. We tried all day offering her the brownie, but she would only cringe and run away at the sight of it.

I almost feel bad. but all I can think is more for me…


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