My daughter now has a new favorite activity which includes her touching strange things and obsessing over them. I know that sounds entirely creepy but it’s true.

Let me provide you with some examples.

Example 1: She tries to catch my eyelashes. We may be cuddling or laughing about something obviously hilarious and suddenly I blink and there is a claw poking my eye out. (Yes, a claw! I hate cutting her tiny nails.) And of course, she thinks it is the funniest thing in the world because then I start to blink more and she can try to catch them even faster. It is a never ending game that I will never win. (Oh wait, that’s motherhood.)

Example 2: She found a penis necklace, (yes, it whistles!) that my lovely friends made me wear for my bachelorette party, in my “party drawer” (aka junk drawer.) Anyway, we were about to leave for the grocery store and she wouldn’t let me take it from her without it being some dramatic scene. Therefore, I thought “Oh well, I will just let her keep it on for the drive over.” Silly me forgot she was wearing it and you wouldn’t believe the strange looks we got walking around the store (actually you probably can.) Thank goodness our regular checkout girl, Alice, was working otherwise we would have looked like complete fools.

Example 3: THONGS! Yep, the stringy underwear we all have a love-hate relationship with. She thinks they’re so interesting and is intrigued that she can put them on her head. (I promise she pulls them out of the clean drawer, not the dirty hamper.) Every time I try to take them from her I get the lip quiver. And then I have my own moral dilemma about letting my child play with my underwear.

The best part of it all is the terribly sad, yet perfectly hilarious face she makes when I try stop her from one of these obsessions. It’s like she’s saying, “but why mama?” It breaks my heart every time, while also giving me something to laugh about later on.

Like now, for instance!


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