Car Organization with CleverMade

If I am being honest, my car has never been that clean on the inside because I have two kids who like to throw everything and the last thing on my mind is picking toys up when they will just do it again! BUT I finally decided I needed a solution because the mess was frustrating and I actually do like organization when its possible. Luckily for me CleverMade products solved all of my car organizational problems!

I was able to pick out 3 different products to help keep my car and life more together! A huge bonus is that they are all easily stored!

If you have never heard of CleverMade before brace yourself because it is a life changer! I had already used a few of their products in the past so I knew I loved the brand the moment I realized all of their products are collapsible! Yes, they all can collapse into a flat position to easily store them when not in use!


Let's start with keeping my kiddos items organized in the backseat with SnapBaskets!

It's as simple as throwing one of these versatile and stylish snap baskets in between the girls seats for easy access! Lo can grab any toy she wants and hand things to Lennon too! Plus when they are done, it goes right back into the basket instead of all over the back of my car! This has also helped us keep a more realistic amount of toys and books in the car. Every once in awhile I take the basket out and let Lo and Lennon swap out the items, which is always fun for them to get to pick out new items!


Trust me when I tell you that your trunk has never been happier! These CleverCrates offer so much potential for all of your activities. Whether you have muddy shoes from hiking, are bringing home paint cans, or just have a bunch of stuff that needs to be stored in your car (sport gear, extra diapers..etc) these are amazing. AND YES, they also collapse so when you don't need to use them you can put them in storage or use them for something else! I also love that they don't move around in my car and I often sit groceries in them as well so items do not get shaken up. Speaking of groceries, what do ya'll do to ensure proper cooling for those cold items you bring home? What happens if you have to run another errand on a 90 degree day?? The answer is simple with the collapsible thermo baskets.

SnapBasket Thermo Tote

These amazing SnapBasket Thermo Totes are so perfect for all your grocery needs! I love that I can keep them folded up in my car until the next use without taking up any space. These sleek baskets can hold up to 30 lbs. and can keep your items cold or hot, so if you are heading to a friends for a potluck, this is perfect for that heavy lasagna or chili you might be preparing!

In Summary

It's so easy to let the interior of our cars be the last thing on our minds but truthfully a little organization and a few affordable products has made a world of difference for my mentality and cleanliness! Plus, when I want to take my car to get cleaned it's so simple to pull out a few containers vs. dig for every lost item under the seats. These items are so versatile that you can use them for just about anything you desire, especially since they come in so many forms and sizes! They also make a great gift option and are a definite must for Spring cleaning!

Be sure to check out CleverMade's Instagram and Website today!


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