So lately, I am struggling A LOT when it comes to energy. I have tried several healthy options such as adding 30 things to a smoothie and it just doesn’t help. Between my family, work, blogging, and keeping up with my mom chores, while also carrying around a big baby bump I just don’t get enough rest somehow (I literally sleep 10 hours a night so idk why.. but yea..) Anyway…

So, I started getting coffee (like everyday) from coffee shops near me or running through Starbucks when I am in a hurry. I do this because our Keurig cappuccino maker doesn’t seem to fit literally any of the pods at the grocery store (one size fits all my ASS) & since I am too lazy to order them online every month, I just don’t… hence coffee shops.

The hubz decided that I go way too often and need to reduce my visitation frequency. I mean I go everyday but like…it’s called being an adult. Anyway I kind of understand (kind of) so I said “ok babe.” But did I really mean it? Probably not…

I know this because I have been finding ways around this current dilemma. For instance, the other day I bought 50% off coupons for Starbucks on Groupon (smart!). I also will randomly take cash out at the grocery store so he doesn’t necessarily know where it’s going…(I still feel smart.) That is until he asked me why I keep taking out cash….(damn busted.)

I tried to play it cool and say, “uh…I just like to have it.” But of course I didn’t have any on me so that’s a lie. So i confessed, because I am weak.

Then I decided that the frequency of my visits to Starbucks is my own business. Nobody needs to know how caffeinated I am at all times..So, I now have my own debit card for my coffee.

Shhhh. Don’t tell the hubby…


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