Alright y'all the hubby and I haven't had more than a few hours to ourselves for almost a year and so we finally decided to jump at the opportunity to have a weekend experience in downtown Denver! We had a staycation and it was perfect! From the restaurants and glorious Renaissance Denver Downtown City Center Hotel and it was nothing short of what we needed! The entire weekend was a dream and I am so excited to share some of the fun things we did!


Okay, So obviously we loved the Renaissance Denver Downtown City Center Hotel but it was more than just a beautiful hotel it was history, it was relaxing, and it was delicious! We were so lucky to experience the Mothers getaway at the hotel and receive champagne and chocolate covered strawberries each morning and relax in the comfortable bed and snuggle all the fluffy pillows (yes, you know what I mean about comfy hotel pillows!)

The hotel is a gorgeous sight dating back to the original building which was the Colorado National Bank and I love that they left so many unique portions of the building in tact! My husband especially loved all of the old vaults and checking out the different ways that things worked back then!

The entire aesthetic reminded us of a classic saloon but with a slight modern twist which was definitely a fun way to experience a new hotel! The Teller bar was stocked with delicious cocktails that were practically made for me because I couldn't decided between so many delicious options! I loved that different areas of the hotel added elements somewhat different from the next, some areas were more private with secluded fireplaces and cozy seating while others were more open and welcoming for others to join your party!

The interior and exterior details are so inviting and completely make you intrigued to visit! I love the large pillars and outdoor patio seating for those perfect Denver days! The details are so unique and again it is so fun to see the older portions of the building mixed with the new!


We LOVE to come downtown to try out new spots for Denver's latest and greatest food! I love to try new things, while my husband enjoys finding his favorite dishes cooked to perfection!

RANG and Illy Caffe were in our hotel which was fabulous because after our first night out we were ready to relax without having too many obligations! It was so great to pick up a delicious latte or have it delivered to your room with room service from Range (see far right photo)! The pancakes and waffles were absolutely perfect and I am a huge Bacon fan so of course I have to rave about that when it is done right!

We also ate at Range for dinner Saturday night after watching Lifetime movies in bed most of the day ( yes, we needed to just soak up no kids jumping on us and relax!) Dinner was very eloquent and I love the different unique options offered!

  • Drink: (His)

  • Apps: Toasted gnocchi truffle mac n cheese

  • Entrée: (His) Pan Seared scallops w/ parmesan risotto-(Her) Rosemary Dijon pork collar w/ smashed potatoes and green bean bacon

  • Dessert: Pecan pie bread pudding! (Even if you don't want food/drinks you HAVE to try this it was the best and I have been craving it since we left!)

We also ate at a rustic restaurant within walking distance from our hotel called Hearth & Dram it is known for the hundreds of whiskeys offered and wood fired grill! It was a lovely atmosphere, great food, and quality service! Plus they had cozy booths, seating is always so important to me because I hate being uncomfortable, especially when we are out relaxing!

  • Drink: (His) Bird Dog Small Batch Bourbon - (Her) Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Apps: (His) Mussels - (Her) Chef's choice charcuteri

  • Entrée: (His) Prime Ribeye w/ crispy smashed potatoes - (Her) Filet w/ charred shishito peppers

  • Dessert: Carrot Cake - Ridiculously delicious!


For those of you coming from out of town or who just want to get away from your kid covered car Silver Car is the best option for you! Silver Car was fun and so simple to use via their app!

We went with the A5 Cabriolet convertible option because we wanted to truly enjoy the beautiful weather whenever we couldn't walk and the convertible option was perfect! We were able to go everywhere we needed and enjoy a little more luxury each time! I love that we were able to get a nice car without paying a ton of extra in fee's too!

You can even use the promotional code ANDREA20 and receive 20% OFF your first rental with Silver Car!


Oh, where to begin..

Depending on the area's you might like to walk to or visit here are a few of my favorite recommendations for finding the perfect look for your weekend away! I will link each website so you can check out their styles and to see how local they are to you! You can pretty much find me obsessing over these spots on my own feed too!

Shop Billie

Vintage Fringe

Intrigue Boutique

Melsrose & Madison

Midnight Rambler Boutique


Honestly, the list for the things to do around Denver is endless but here are a few fun options in case you need more activity

  • Sports: Depending on the time of year heading to a Broncos game or Rockies game is incredibly fun! Tickets aren't always cheap depending on who they're playing though so if you aren't up for purchasing tickets I highly recommend heading to Viewhouse or Avanti to watch the game in fun atmospheres that you can do more than just sit in (aka, play games, meet people, try new foods..etc)

  • Concert: Denver always has some sort of music going on, whether its a headliner at Red Rocks or just a fun spot around downtown where the street is blocked off. Sometimes it's more fun to just walk around and find the music!

  • Events: In general there is always something to do in Denver! If you are up for something fun I guarantee you can check out the latest events and there will be something around wash park or union station! Otherwise, in my opinion just walk around and stumble upon something. I love to find a good spot that I wouldn't have found just by checking out google!

If you need more info on what to do or where to go while visiting downtown Denver don't hesitate to reach out via email or Instagram message!


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