You know how celebrities always get free stuff just because they are celebrities, well I have a theory that the same goes for babies (just not to such high extents.)

I swear everywhere we go people will be more friendly to me when I have Lo by my side or (if they aren’t friendly to her then I don’t trust them, people, that don’t like babies creep me out.)

For instance, the other day we went to Target to grab a few things. I am talking to the woman in the checkout line and she rings me up and I pay. After I paid I realized Lo still had some goldfish in her hands (she can’t shop and not eat- a woman after my own heart.) I told the woman at the register and she enthusiastically said, “Oh don’t worry about it, she can get away with it.” If I hadn’t had Lo and I was simply eating goldfish and forgot to pay, she probably would have called security.

Another example happened at the nutrition store earlier this week. I went in to grab some things for the hubby and asked the guy for very specific items. He was beyond friendly and made a lot of jokes about Lo hitting the gym etc…(really funny shit.) Anyway, we go to check out and he goes, “I’m gonna throw in a 25% discount just cause she’s so cute.” I mean that’s pretty awesome, but am I not cute enough for a discount?

This kind of thing has happened so many times and I love it, but I always wonder what if Lo wasn’t with me? They’d probably charge me extra. Or maybe they’d give it to me for free since I usually look like a homeless person (#momfashion.)


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