Dock A Tot Review!

How do your kids sleep? This is probably one of the biggest questions I get as a blogger + mama and the answer is forever changing day to day. When I found out I was having Lennon I was positive I knew everything I needed to when it came to sleeping because I already had a terrible sleeper (Lo) and turned her into a good sleeper so I was ready to do the same for Lennon. But like most things, kids are hardly ever the same (especially as babies). One sleeps thru the night and all of the sudden the other needs to eat at 2 a.m. 



To be completely honest I didn't use a Dock A Tot for Lo when she was a baby because I was a tad clueless and also sleep deprived because she woke up to nurse every 2 hours (I actually hardly remember the first 3 months of her life because I think my eyes were half closed the majority of the time.) But when we transitioned her to a toddler floor bed things drastically changed. She went from sleeping 13 hours a night to waking up in fear because she wasn't protected by the once impenetrable walls of her crib. 

This totally freaked me out because I was due with Lennon within a few months and I didn't want to worry about two kiddos not sleeping at night ( bless mothers of multiples!) So I had to come up with an option for Lo to feel comfortable with, rather than reverting back to the crib or getting woken up all night by her too. 

I tried bed attachments first (even though they look super tacky) but they didn't have one that fit properly on her house bed (fail!) Next we tried pool noodles under the sheets (super nifty trick btw) but she didn't like how much they moved (fail!) So then we tried the Dock A Tot Grand! I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier, but all of the sudden the lightbulb clicked and we were in action (and by action I mean we were both sleeping again!)

Now she is used to her floor bed but we still continuously use the Grand to take with us on vacations, park days, for traveling, or to watch movies in the basement! She loves the floral design on hers too because she picked it out herself (which is another fun aspect of choosing this brand!)



Lennon was a different story because we chose Dock A Tot Deluxe for her before she was even born! We had no clue what kind of sleeper she would be but I knew I wanted her to better than Lo had been so I trusted in the safest brand I could find to help me out! 

Lennon sleeps next to my bed and ever since we first brought her home I swaddled her and laid her next to me in the Deluxe Dock A Tot! I chose both of these options because they offer a womb-like transition into sleeping in the real world (where they feel snuggled and secure.) And ever since she came home from the hospital she has never gotten up more than twice a night to nurse. After the first few weeks she started waking up only once and on most nights has slept from 7:30 pm-8am or later (SAY WHAT!!) 

This was a huge difference from my first born and a difference I approved of. I know that all babies are different and I know they all have certain needs but this was enough for me to continue believing in my methods! I guess you could say we are 7 months strong!



This was actually a super easy choice for us for many reasons.

#1 Safety

Dock A Tot is the only baby lounger that has been tested in all things safety in the United States, Canada, and Europe (competitor brands have not met these same standards and you should use precaution when using them.) I also love the fact that the Dock A Tot does not prohibit your child from rolling over and has temperature control. To see a full list of safety precautions for sleeping please visit the website. To view a full list of certifications and licensing for Dock A Tot click here

#2 Mult-functional

There are a lot of different possibilities for babies when it comes to a safe place to lay and rest but I love a baby product that offers more than one function because it helps me reduce expenses and clutter around my home! We have personally used the Dock A Tot for several different things such as a safe place for Lennon to play while I need to walk away from her to get something done. They even have hanging toy arches with toys specifically to be used with the Dock A Tot! I also love that it is easy to travel with so we don't have to haul along extra baggage when going on a road trip or flying because that can get expensive and be a lot to carry, they even have travel bags if you want more protection! I love how easy it is to take any place too, like the beach for instance, which brings me to my next point..

#3 Cleaning + Assembly

You know that babies make messes and you need something that is easy to clean and easy to re-assemble and the Dock A Tot is just that! Any time we take it somewhere we simply unzip the cover and throw it in the wash! It takes about 2 minutes to re-assemble because it's that simple! This is awesome for us because we take ours everywhere and clean it every time so it allows me to get things done quickly!

#4 Style

Okay, this one may not be important to everyone but I love cute stuff that is aesthetically pleasing! Dock A Tot offers so many different cover options that it would fit anyone's taste. I honestly had a hard time choosing because I loved them all but in the end Lo chose for us!



I have seen a lot of people say "Is it really worth the money.." and I 100% get that, but in my honest opinion, YES! 

Before getting the Dock A Tot I wouldn't have been able to answer this question and definitely would have had the same struggle because when you have a baby there are sooo many items you need and to tag on one more that may not seem necessary just seems silly. BUT mom to mom, parent to parent, GET IT!

In the long run this will save you money because of its multiple functions and many other reasons I have already shared.

and...if you wait to buy it, for the plethora of reasons we all come up with when it comes to shopping for anything it will always be there in the back of your head.. On sleepless nights. On days where you wanna take a shower but want to feel secure about leaving your baby alone for a few minutes (we all hear those phantom cries but this will help.) When you have to deep clean or scrub other baby items because they don't have easily removable covers. Or when you see someone post a photo of their happy little one snuggled up in a dock a tot. You will always wonder if it would have helped..  Okay, I am done being creepy, but seriously you'll love it.

Especially for a naked baby bum at the beach.

Feel free to email me with any other questions you might have about the Dock A Tot products!

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