I am pretty positive every parent experiences those moments when their sweet child does something completely unacceptable but 100% hilarious and you can’t help but laugh rather than discipline. This happens to me like 10X a day, so I might have a slight problem but I can’t help myself.

I mean, it’s not my fault that she’s so cute and funny while also being a sassy mess. I honestly find myself turning around or hiding my face from her multiple times a day because I know I shouldn’t laugh but apparently I’m super immature.

Although, I truly don’t have anyone to blame but myself. The other day I said something super sassy to my husband (let’s just blame it on pregnancy..) and she repeated the entire 5 word sentence back to me in an even sassier tone. I mean, I didn’t even know she could repeat that many words that weren’t memorized. So maybe I should be applauding her skills over anything.

All I really know is that if she’s this sassy at (almost 2!) I can’t even imagine what 14 will look like… Lord help me 🙌🏼


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