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Dream Seekers - Dolls that Inspire.

This is a paid promotion by Moose Toys, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I love giving my girls surprise gifts, especially when I know the gift is something that inspires them to be kind, positive, creative. and follow your dreams.

I am lucky that these two cuties have BIG imaginations and love to play together, which makes picking out something that they'll both enjoy even easier.

I found the Dream Seekers Dolls from Moose Toys and knew the girls would be hooked. They are full of magical style and bright colors and each one offers a fun new way to explore positive imagination.

One of my favorite parts about the dolls is that they are soft dolls, which means no ones stepping on them by accident and getting hurt (aka ME)!

They also have some removable accessories that allows the girls to switch up their styles and do fun hair styles to create the perfect look for the day.

Each Dream Seeker has a story and a positive message that helps instill the same hope in your little ones.

Luna is certainly a favorite with the girls because she is a dancer and inspires confidence.

I loved teaching the girls about the meaning of confidence and how it goes hand in hand with bravery. We talked about different times each of them has been confident and it was really fun to see how they realized how exciting that was.

Hope is a bright and colorful doll whose style matches her heart, with positivity and happiness.

The girls know all about these two traits but it's always a great reminder to ask how we can show ourselves and others these things every day!

Bella is a big animal lover- just like my girls! This was a fun doll to incorporate our own animals into playtime as well. Showing our own kitties how Bella and all of us can be kind and take care of our pets is so important!

Stella has secret magic inside of her in that her wings change colors to show off five superpowers - positivity, caring, happiness, courage and calmness.

You can find all of the Dream Seekers by clicking HERE and help your little one discover more mystical ways of playing at home!


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