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Dressing for the holidays is surprisingly tough for a lot of people. I think it's mostly because we have so many different types of occasions to dress for even though it's all based around the same thing.

From work events, family/friends holiday parties, and the big day itself there's nothing like finding something to wear.

For me, I love to find pieces I can still wear even when it's not Christmas.. aka I stay away from too much red and green. I also love to find clothing that's comfortable because let's be honest you will be in those clothes all day most of the time and nobody wants to be uncomfortable all day.

So, I figured I would share some of my favorite options this year because I have been loving so many different ideas this year. I also think a lot of these can be interchangeable and we all need more versatile items in our wardrobe

Up first is this little dress from Zara, so simply, so comfortable, and soo cute. I love this because it pairs perfectly with this jacket from Loft which is incredibly warm by the way! If you are super tall I would recommend going up a size for that extra length but the back is a tad longer than the front. I loved the Goodnight Macaroon boots with this because it made up for the shorter aspect off the dress, plus if you don't have a pair of these boots they are the most comfortable and actually stay up over your knee!
This look is one I am wearing to holiday parties and especially around my husbands office party. It's subtle but still gorgeous on!

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You all know I have been adoring Evey K Fashion Boutique and this look is just another reason you should too! Not only is this suede skirt actually comfortable it can pretty much go with anything. I loved this top specifically for its color blocking and patterns on the sleeves and the necklace adds the perfect touch of rebel to this look.
I'd definitely wear this one for those fun events out over the holidays or even just grabbing drinks with the girls!

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This look is probably my FAVORITE for so many reasons. I love the plaid pant and popcorn sweater because they both add pattern and texture which is the total package. Plus I get to wear my favorite black booties and they hit perfectly with the shorter pant leg!
I will be wearing this to my family holiday dinners at friends or my own home because it is honestly so comfortable and if you eat/drink too much you can seriously loosen up the pants and you are good to go (it's amazing!)

{ Direct message Evey here for shopping or styling purposes}

This little dress is so sweet and I love the large buttons that match the color. I would definitely size up if you have any boobs at all because my girls wanted out but I paired it with a long cardigan to add some warmth and diversity to the look. I even stole my girlfriends hat from Zara because it's darling and courdroy (which I love!)
This look is super easy and one you may even already have in your closet so it's a nice option to throw some stuff together for one of those last minute events. Definitely more casual, but adding the over the knee boot spices it up a bit too!

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A few other styles you may enjoy are sparkly sleeves, neutral set, and plaid coats! You truly can't go wrong with how festive or casual you'd like to be because it's all about enjoying your friends and family and of course, eating as much as possible. So find something comfortable for you because you are the one who will be wearing it all day and night!

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& as always please feel free to reach out to me directly with styling or shopping purposes!


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