Valentines day has always been an extremely special day to me. Not because you get spoiled by your significant other or anything (although that definitely helps) but because we get to show others our appreciation for them. It’s not just about my love for my husband, my little Lo, or friends and family, it’s about making sure everyone feels a little loved. Because everyone is worth a little love.

Today I was lucky enough to spend my day dropping F-BOMBS (yes, I am serious and yes it made people incredibly happy.) I was fortunate enough to work with a sweet floral company whose philosophy revolves around dropping F-BOMBS and by that I mean flower bombs.

I had pretty simple tasks, I just had to pick up the flower arrangements and deliver them to their new homes! I have to admit I was a tad nervous. I mean delivering people their loved ones way of showing them how much they care, talk about pressure. Luckily, I live in Colorado and it was quite a chilly day (aka the sweat didn’t show.)

I think that delivering happiness to people is one of the greatest feelings you can ever experience. I got to here the “oohs” and “ahhs” from all the office ladies (although I felt like I was watching an episode of the bachelor in a sorority house, I loved it.) I got to see the giant smiles sneak across these strangers faces, that in turn put smiles on mine. It’s a funny thing how contagious a smile can be.

One of my deliveries was to a business full of middle aged men. I walked in with a large bouquet of red roses. When I called out the name on the delivery card a tall, bald, buff, tatted up (basically a biker dude) walked towards me. As all of his office pals cheered for his beautiful arrangement, curious about the mystery sender, this mountain of a man was blushing as his dog ran up next to him. He gave the dog a smooch, looked at the card and said “love, mom and dad.” The man then asked if I could take a photo for him to send to his parents to thank them.

And just like that. It happened again. I felt joy and love from a complete stranger. And then I realized, although I can’t deliver F-Bombs everyday, I can deliver a smile everyday.


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