I have to be honest I have never been the "poster mom" for getting amazing gifts together and making them look cute but I have apparently turned over a new leaf and got myself together prior to 24 hours before a holiday for once! So I figured I would share because well I am actually super excited about it ALL!

Let me start by saying I literally got EVERYTHING in the exact same place, The Gator Loft! This place is probably the most adorable mama + baby boutique you have ever seen in your life. It has just about everything you could possibly imagine from cloth diapers, carriers, car seats, toys, clothing, and kid friendly dish items just to name a few (literally, if I listed everything I would have filled this entire page..) So, obviously I love this place but on top of loving the brands they carry, I love the atmosphere and employees. I have gone in on several occasions and have always been welcomed in with a smile. Actually most of the time I end up talking to the person working for an hour or so because well.. (adult conversation) but also because they are genuinely interested in you as a person, not just as a potential customer (CRAZY RIGHT?) I absolutely love this place and would 100% recommend it to anyone, obviously, but now I am going to show you why I love so many of the products they carry!

Lennon's Easter Basket: This was super easy because...well, she is a baby and has no idea or care in the world about what she gets for Easter. Her biggest concern is 'the boob'. But I obviously needed to make it fair in some way and also there are so many darn cute baby items I couldn't resist myself. So here goes..


Item numero uno is this silky soft Milkbarn onesie. I may not have all the answers but I am pretty positive pear is the new pineapple (am I right?..) One of my favorite things about this sleeper is that it zips! I mean, how annoying is it when your kid poops in the middle of the night and you have to unbutton and then re-button 20 tiny buttons in the dark no less.

Okay, we all love JellyCats stuffed animals and how freaking adorable are these two little matching big and little? Not only are these beauties super soft and loveable they also have matching books (sayyyy what??) Yep, it's true and they even have the touch and feel option, which we also love!

VOILA! I give you the matching book...

I don't think there is much to say about this except that we are obsessed! My Lo has the original bunny rabbit book and I had to read it to her every night for over a year...a year people. That right there is proof its a good book for little ones.

I don't know if you noticed the darling little Copper Pearl knotted cap on our dear bunnies head but isn't it the sweetest thing you've ever seen? It has the perfect floral print and colors for Spring, especially for all of those Easter photos I am going to be taking of little Lennon!

Let's travel left to right shall we?..

Baby bling bows are a must! The soft stretchy band is perfect for any little nuggets head, especially the tiny ones (like my Lenny's.) Plus the Gator Loft just got in a bunch of fresh Spring prints which are adorable as you can imagine.

The dino teether was 100% picked out by Lo for her little sister which makes me love it even more! I love the organic materials used and gripper locations for those tiny fingers.

Last but not least is this sweet little rabbit with polka dot stars is actually a two in one. It acts as a pacifier attachment so you don't lose those darn little binky's but also as a tiny stuffed toy.

Next are just little things I needed but also super sweet and organic.

Poop bags on the hook of your diaper bag, how awesome is that? I can't tell you how many times I have had to throw a stinky diaper in my bag and it definitely leaked.. yikes..

Also the wooden organic brush and comb are so soft and perfect for my Lennon's head.

Okay, moving on..

Harlow's Easter Basket: This was both easy and hard because Lo will run around The Gator Loft for hours if I let her because there are so many wonderful things that she wants to try. I had to pretty much sneak everything from her so she didn't know what she was getting. Talk about mission impossible!


BABY STELLA - This soft baby is like no other baby we have and we have 6 others.. She is soft and the perfect light weight but still firm enough to not be squishy. I love that she is more toddler like than baby as well because Lo is a toddler and all. I also love her magnetic options with the paci so we will never lose it! They also have other cute clothes options that are just as sweet and soft as the doll.

Alright, this is the item I am most excited about. It may not look like much but it is a Lille Baby Carrier to carry around dolls! I have been searching for one of these that I actually thought was cute for so long and this is it! Lo is going to FREAK OUT! She is constantly trying to carry her babies in a wrap like I do! The shop carries a bunch of different patterns too, so shopping can be even more fun!

These three pieces are obviously awesome items but partially for me as well. Lo is awful with keeping her mat down and gets food everywhere and this bear mat literally sticks to the surface of any table like nobodies business, it's the real deal game changer.

Then of course I loved the colors of pura drink and zoli 3 piece container for on the go snacks which is a huge deal. I have always found myself buying snacks while we are out and about because I forget to bring ant but this is the perfect size and allows me to bring multiple options!

Of course I needed to add a few Easter obvious items for Lo to enjoy and this is the cutest thing EVER! Eco-Eggs is a coloring kit that uses natural plant, fruit, and vegetable extracts to help grow grass in eggs! Such a fun idea and it doesn't have to end when Easter is over.

You all know how much Lo loves her dino's so when I saw this book I wanted to jump for joy! It is so gender neutral and sweet I absolutely love it and its uniqueness. They have so many book options like this one with different animals and adventures! Plus I love that the pages are hard and she can't tear them accidentally.

A few more Baby Bling bows for the win. I absolutely love how dainty these bows are and the color options are perfect for Spring! On top of that I can use these bows for both my girls because of the awesome stretch in the band!

You see! I didn't lie to you I got all of these awesome items in one place and I am still in awe of it. They even have little treats you can add to your baskets too but we like to save the candy for the Easter Egg hunts! They have a ton of other brands and fun options that are so unique and your little ones will just love so be sure to check out their social media pages for more fun options! AHH now the trick is waiting to give them their stuff until Easter!

You can order from The Gator Loft in the store, online via their social media pages, ogive them a call they are so fun to talk to!

The Gator Loft 

address: 10490 Dransfeldt Rd, Parker, CO 80134

phone number: 720-440-9526





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