My child is the most independent dependent person I know. One minute she wants to do everything for herself and the next she is yelling at me to do it for her. It is like an emotional roller coaster trying to figure out which version of herself she wants to be at any given moment.

Eating, for instance, may be one of the hardest things I have ever done when it comes to my Lo. One moment she wants me to feed her, the next she is sad because she wants the spoon to feed herself. Sometimes, she doesn’t want to eat at all unless she’s on my lap or eating off of my plate. Sometimes she will only eat whats on my plate even when it is the exact same thing thats on her plate, 3 inches over from her.

If that wasn’t difficult enough, she has to change her taste buds every other second as well. I could feed her the most delicious meal in the world or chicken nuggets from McDonald’s and neither would do, she may prefer it one day but the next she’d rather have cucumber in ranch. Just kidding, she’d much rather just eat the dip, not the cucumber itself.

Why is she so difficult? Are all kids this frustrating when it comes to food? My goodness, someone be my savior and tell me that there is a real answer, PLEASE!


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