I am convinced that all of my daughters toys actually come to life. Yes, like in Toy Story, but instead of being all happy and cute they are trying to kill me (or at least seriously injure.

I cannot even count the number of times I have tripped over a toy that I swear I had already picked up and put into the toy bin. And somehow it mysteriously arrives back out directly where I end up being. It doesn’t matter how careful I am. Somehow I trip, smash, stub, and fall on whatever toy is out to get me that day.

And if they aren’t out to hurt me they are out to seriously creep me out. Today Lolo’s walker decided it would be a good time to shout out “lets keep going.” WTF. No one is pushing you. There is nowhere to go. There isn’t even someone in that playroom…

It’s getting worse too. I think they are getting Lolo in on their mischief.

I mean seriously. She keeps “accidentally” throwing a maraca, drumstick, tea pot, or ball directly at my face. Then she points at it with a sad face and looks at me like…”the ball did it” not her.

All I know is that I don’t feel safe in my own child’s playroom. I’m sure there is someone I can call to help with that, right?

I mean just look at your own kids toys faces…


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