Have ya’ll ever tried a flintstones gummy bear? They are literally so delicious. Too delicious, in fact.

The best part about these gummies is that my Lo is obsessed with them, the worst part about these gummies is that it’s only advisable to give out two a day. That’s nuts. Nobody only wants two of something sooo tasty. That’s literally like giving yourself your favorite wine after a long day with the kids, then having two sips of it and then someone grabs the glass from you and no more wine (WTF!) How awful would that be? Hell no.

So now, I have to have other fruit snacks on standby every time I give my Lo her vitamin gummies. I mean, seriously, it’s ridiculous. I give her two vitamin gummies and wait to see what will happen after she eats them. Sometimes she gets distracted, but 95% of the time she making “yummy” noises and asking for more. So, of course I give her a fruit snack pack. Please tell me I am no the only mama who does this?

I probably sound like I have terrible parenting strategies, but I like to keep my Lo happy and we buy healthy-ish fruit snack packs, so thats good, right?


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