I am almost certain I am not the first person to start a drinking game with her kids but I thought I’d share the experience in case anyone was thinking of trying it out.

It all started after a long Monday and I had attempted about every chore and errand I needed but failed at them all because my darling daughter decided my attention needed to be elsewhere. Most days I wouldn’t mind putting off things such as the laundry but my hubby was out of underwear so I needed to do it to avoid another catastrophe.

Since, I clearly needed a drink by 10AM I decided to get coffee, shortly after I realized that wasn’t doing the trick so we went outside to play and mama grabbed a beer. Beer wasn’t helping me relax so I switched to wine. This is when the game began.

My daughter was whining while I was getting my wine poured so I decided every time she would WHINE, I would also WINE. This started around 4:30.

My hubby came home around 6:15 with an incredibly confused look on his face. Not only was I drunk on wine, but Lo was running around with his underwear on her head ( and no, I never got to the laundry.)

Needless to say, this game really works. If you are willing to try it you should probably not exceed a 3 hour time frame (you might die). I did realize however that drinking and doing chores around the house is ALOT more fun…


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