We all want to get our BEST girls gifts they will actually love and when it comes to knowing your girlfriends you are the #1 person to pick something out because you pretty much know every detail about their lives! But I also know this can totally freak you out because you don't want to get them something they won't love or need, which is where it can be tricky! BUT have no fear because I am here (haha I don't know why but I am just gonna leave that hero remark there..)

It can be simple to find beautiful and fun options all in one place if you look hard enough! I want to try to make it easier for you to pick out something every lady in your life will love and help you make sure its more than just another gift but show that you can personalize things so easily!!


Introducing EVEY K and all of the glorious options she has to offer! I have to admit my biggest struggle at Evey K is choosing because everything is absolutely darling. Luckily I knew who I was shopping for and was able to find pieces that fit each wonderful lady in my life perfectly!

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Finding the perfect option based on your friendship is a lot easier than you would think.

  • A unique wallet for someone who is always losing their everyday items or loves the perfect everyday accessory!

  • A cozy hat for a friend who loves to be outdoors but also look cute!

  • A necklace that offers something with a story that can be worn everyday or layered with other personalized jewelry options. I love knowing when you find a piece that will go with everything you wear because it is just that good. This is definitely one you could give to any lady but also one that can be worn for those gals who love a time capsule item!

  • Big hoops that are for your bold friends, the girls who stand out no matter what! Obviously jewelry lovers would appreciate these gorgeous earrings, but also the ladies in your life who deserve to be taken out, get dressed up and go on a girl date!!

  • A sweet clutch or bag for storing small items. I love that this brand offers different quotes offering you even more personalized options for each friend. I would absolutely add a note letting your friend know how much you appreciated them this year!

  • SOCKS! but only super, incredibly soft and comfy ones that you can snuggle up in. This is for your friend who has everything but the simple things or just needs a girls night with a bottle of wine!


We all have the ladies in our life that we absolutely know better than anyone else, which of course is usually who you are shopping for during the holidays! Well let me tell you about this girl jig (her real name is Emily but...friendship).

Background: I have known her since high school when we sat next to each other in our favorite class (VOHS!!!) I randomly asked her to road trip with me to TX and she randomly said YES, we had a blast and the rest is history!


One of our other besties sat at a different table and was deathly afraid of jig because she has RBF..aka Resting Bitch Face. We all have seen it, it's an epidemic but as you can see it's not permanent because she is clearly smiling here. HENCE THIS PERFECT GIFT.

When I saw this quote at Evey K's boutique I almost cried laughing and instantly knew it had to be her gift. I loved that it was an inside joke but I also loved it in general because of how soft it is and completely perfect for the holidays! It was truly love at first sight.

*If you wondering she LOVED the sweater, which you can shop at Evey K here!



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