So, I finally broke and got myself a robot vacuum and suddenly it's like I have a fairy god mother who made all of my dreams come true. Not only does bObi clean my floors, she even entertains Miss Lo. It's like having an in-home sitter without having to pay anyone.

At first Lo was pretty freaked out and actually climbed onto the kitchen table because she thought the vacuum was actually going to suck her into it. She quickly realized that wouldn't happen and even if it did, I could get her out..(I had to show her how to open it up just in case)

Now she absolutely loves following bObi around and telling her good job. It is actually quite hilarious. I have never met a little girl who is so encouraging, especially to a vacuum. She is always so concerned about her too. For instance if she is in the same area for too long she pats bObi's butt and says "you can do it" (I mean seriously..can she do this for me??)

It took me forever to decide to get a robo vac. and I am not even sure why.. I mean they make your life easier. Between my hair getting stuck between the hubbies toes, the fur balls our cat Frank leaves around, and the constant mess of cheerios on the ground I caved. bnnnnnnn

After a lot of research I went with the bObi Sweep for many reasons. I love the subtle, sleek look but even more I love the quality. One of the best things about bOb Sweep is that they have multiple options to fit your personal needs rather than a so called 'universal' option that helps every aspect. I needed it to sweep up small food spills from Lo and all of the hair that is constantly flowing around our house. So when I saw the bObi Sweep Pet I was like HECK YES this is exactly what I need.

One of my favorite features is that it actually has a remote that allows you to control her settings such as speed and turns. I have to admit it took me a little while to get used to letting bObi do her thing because I am so used to controlling everything but once I did she took over and it has been a dream every since.

Overall I highly recommend getting a bOb Sweep robot vacuum because we all can use a little less work.


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