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Ever since I knew we were moving back to Colorado I got soo excited about giving Miss. Lo a BIG GIRL room. With all of the changes between moving and adding a little sister to the family I figured it would help keep her more organized but also be a special thing for her, something that feels like it's just hers.

I was surprised at how quickly her room came together. I had obviously been eyeing certain items for awhile but never dreamed it would be so easy to find the perfect shops to incorporate into her space. I am so excited to share her room with you and hope it gives you inspiration for your BIG KID rooms when the time comes.

I am attaching links for the exact items from the small shops they are from or similar links for things I found that don't have direct links. I am NOT getting paid for this and just want to give my honest review. It is so important to trust the brands and products we use, especially for our kids and I hope that this can help you on your search!

| 1 | House Bed: Purveyor |

| 2| Wallpaper: Anewall |

|3 | Faux Fur blanket: Nordstrom |

| 4| Faux Fur bean bag: Pottery Barn Kids |

|5 | Rose gold bin: Target (Similar) |

|6| Pillows (Moon & Star) : Project Whim |

| 7 | Floral Garland: Simply Petals |

| Dream Catcher: Hobby Lobby (similar here) |

| Wood letters: Hobby Lobby (arts & crafts section) |

| 8| Rug: Overstock |

| 9| Table & Chair set: Sprout Kids |

| Book bins: Home Goods (similar here) |

|10 | Kid Kraft Kitchen: Target |

| 11 | 4 Woven Baskets: Sprout Kids|

| 1 | Let's chat about this darling house bed from Purveyor, I mean seriously!! I had my eyes on a fun bed for Lo ever since I found out we were having a girl the first time around and I always thought these beds were so adorable. Not only are they super easy to fit into any rooms space, they are also super simple to put together. Of course, My hubby is the one who put it together ( I supervised) it only took about an hour to put together and the directions were simple and to the point. Obviously the bed is super cute but I also love the natural look it offers, which leaves so much more room for personal styling touches! I also really enjoyed working with Purveyor, Matt is extremely professional but also incredibly easy going which is super important to me because I like to constantly be in contact with people I work with!

|2| Anewall Literally offers the cutest stinkin wallpaper options ever and I was so excited when we picked one for Lo's room. I knew I wanted it to be a larger pattern but I honestly didn't want floral because I didn't want it to be super girly (mostly because she loves boy stuff) but I thought this floral pattern offered the perfect in between option..not too girly and very powerful. I mean when you walk into her room it draws you in even more. I think everyone who walks in literally says, "WOW!" We used the permanent wallpaper option because we wanted it to stay on as long as possible. It did take my husband a while to put up because he had to prime our walls and cut the paper a bit because apparently our walls slant slightly..? I didn't know this was a thing, but lucky us hah..

|3| This faux fur blanket is sadly no longer available in this specific rose color online, however I have seen it in store still for the same price. I still linked the blanket because they do offer it in other color options. It really is incredibly comfy and it doesn't shed at all, which to me is like a HUGE bonus.

|4| Okay, so I have to be completely honest I was not super happy when we ordered this faux fur bean bag from pottery barn. Which is super disappointing because I am truly a huge fan of Pottery Barn normally. However, when I first received this item it didn't come with a key (this key unzips the bean bag cover so you can place it over the bean bag). Customer service had me send it back and re-sent another one..this new one also didn't have a key in it...I continued to call/email/facebook message customer service and was told multiple times they were sending me a key but I never got one (3 months later...) They even told me to go find one myself on ebay? (WHAT?) I was livid and I could honestly go on forever about this. OVERALL the bean bag is amazing, once I finally got the key to use it a few weeks ago. However, I am super hesitant to order online from Pottery barn anymore due to the lack of customer service.

|5| I got multiple of these rose gold metal bins last year and sadly cannot find them anymore but I did link a lighter gold metal bin from Target that is similar in size/shape. They are super cute, I have seen them on several of my Target runs!

|6|Oh, the beautiful pillows from Project Whim are both adorable and comfy! I actually had the pleasure of meeting Amanda (the owner) because, small world, she lives in the same town as me in Colorado! She is one of the sweetest people and so incredibly creative. She truly puts her heart into her work and it is easily seen in the quality of her products and her business. If you are in need of super fun and cute pillows or wall décor you have to check her out asap!

| 7 |Annie, the owner of Simply Petals is someone I have technically known for awhile but truly only just met (that's the beauty of Instagram blogging -Yes, she is a fellow blogger on Instagram & also local to me in Colorado -check her out!) Anyways, her work is darling and although she does a lot of local fresh flower arrangements she will work with custom orders such as the gorgeous garland shown above on Lo's bedframe. I always get compliments on this when people see it. I have actually had it for a few months and displayed it randomly throughout the house but once we got Lo's awesome bed I knew that was the place for it!

| 8 | AHH! I seriously cried when I saw this rug (mostly because I was preggo and hormonal at the time!) but also because it was exactly what I wanted. Lo's room has a lot of random items and I didn't want to clutter it with a big and bulky rug. I also didn't want to have to place a bunch of items on top of the corners so the misshaped rug was absolutely perfect. It is a neutral champagne color with gold flakes all over (technically a cowhide pattern). I will add that it is super thin and it does move around (because I have a toddler playing on it) so I would suggest placing it on a small sticky floor-mat or another bigger rug if you like the double-rug trend (which I do!)

|9 & 11 |OH BOY, I could talk about Sprout Kids furniture items all day! This company has truly impressed me and my husband (which is super hard to do!) The Table & chair set and woven baskets seen above are both from this company and I couldn't be more excited to share these items with you. All of their furniture items for kids don't require any tools or extra supplies to put together, YEP! How cool is that? The quality wood that they use is durable and flexible so you can simply clic the pieces into place. At first I was a little nervous to bend the wood in fear it would break but this stuff is seriously good quality and didn't crack at all. Since everything snaps into place it also makes it super easy for storing and not losing any parts. Lo loves to do crafts at her table and the chairs can actually hold my weight (SHOCKER!!) The woven baskets also have been a great addition for easy access for Lo to grab what she wants from her closet without having to remember where everything is since it is open for her viewing.

|10| The Kid Kraft kitchen in this white color was everything I hoped it would be. I have to admit that the assembly process takes some effort (well effort on my husbands end..) but it took him about 2 hours to put together, the beers might have had something to do with the length of time though.. I would really love to take all of the silver parts and spray paint them gold to match other gold items in her room but the silver is subtle so it blends well. It has a lot of storage compartments which I love and is the perfect height for Lo with a little room to grow. This has definitely been one of her favorite entertainment type of toys she has ever received as well!

I hope you love her room as much as we do!

If there is anything in the photos that you would like a link to please reach out via comments or email. I wasn't able to find some of the smaller pieces you might see above at an exact link but I would still love to help you find similar items if you are interested.


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