This section is ALL about creating memories with your loved ones.

Activity bowl: Ask everyone in your family to think of some fun activities they would like to do together, write them all down, throw them in a bowl, and then each week (bi-weekly, monthly; dependent on your schedule/budget) take the time to choose one to do. Make sure every time you let someone else pick at random. Some fun options may include lazer tag, monkey business, ice cream, try a new park (free), or learn something new like yoga (also free). I think it is so important to remember that you can get out of the house with the whole family without spending anything!

Cooking Class: Let me start by saying you don't actually have to take your little kids to a cooking class at some fancy place. DO IT AT HOME! I love finding a simple meal or dessert I can make with Lo at home. We get to pick out the ingredients together, cook, and eat (it's actually pretty educational!) If you do have older teens or want to do this as a couple/friends I would suggest going somewhere new and fun, try a new food!

Local Pass: No matter where you live there are multiple things you can go check out regularly around your town. Some may cost a tad $ but others may be free or have free days! Museum, library, skiing, zoo, pop-up readings, craft fair, hands on touch playplace. Options are endless, just check out your local options!

Drive in movie: Why has this disappeared so much? I ALWAYS loved going to a drive in movie. I know that the weather has to be right and it may be a bit of a drive depending where you live but I promise your kids will enjoy it. Tickets are usually pretty cheap and you can bring your own snacks (huge $ saver). Also you can be way more comfortable in your own form of seating, plus if your little ones get upset they usually have a playground or you can walk around while still viewing the film!

Camping/glamping: I have been dying to take the girls but of course it's freezing now in CO so next year it is! This is a huge hit for all ages because no matter how young you are there is always something magical and peaceful about it! Plus, kids can run and scream as much as they want and no one is there to give you 'the look.' I love that glamping is a thing now too because if your not a huge fan of bugs or outdoor sleeping or peeing in the woods this just gives you a NO EXCUSES option!


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