We’ve all felt that feeling of being an outsider. Whether you are moving to a new neighborhood, starting a class, or starting a new job, we’ve all felt that unsure or slightly insecure feeling. That weird feeling you get because you are the “new” lady and you know absolutely no one. Well, I have been feeling that way since I got to Colorado.

I’ve felt like I needed to reach out but didn’t know how to do so without looking like a total dork. But instead of brainstorming ways to meet new people I used this lovely thing we call social media. I went online to a local moms group and blatantly posted the following…

“Hi, I’m new here. I wasn’t positive if this group sets up fun things or when they would be so…Here I am being awkward, asking for friends.” #momlife

Yep, I am a total dork. But to my surprise I had over 100 hundred mama’s dying for mom friends too. Apparently there is an epidemic.

Now, I have this major problem of how to hang out with them all…I mean, seriously. I feel like it’s my duty to be their mom friend since I am the one who officially asked for them. I definitely can’t fit them all into my place and I definitely can’t supply the wine for that many mama’s…. Here’s my thoughts….I can either 1) Skype date them all or 2) never see my hubby again….(neither are ideal.)

All I know for sure is that if you need more mama friends just ask for them. Everyone needs someone they can relate to. There are over 5 million stay at home moms in the US alone, surely there is at least 1 nearby looking for you too.


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