I make happy babies and they make me laugh as much as I make them but being a mama to two beautiful girls only means one thing...I pee when I laugh.

I'm not ashamed of it because it happens to all of us mama's at least a little bit in our postpartum journey. I was lucky enough to birth two babies vaginally and that did some things to me.

I am currently 8 months in counting in my postpartum journey and although my body is slowly recovering, there are still moments that I tinkle a bit (yep, tinkle). It's not horrific, but it's not cute.

Not everything makes me want to tinkle though. Just the basic things like working out, or chasing my kiddos, or walking in the grocery store, or sitting on the couch (just kidding, kind of.) It's not nearly as bad as I make it sound but it's not something that makes me feel comfortable as many of you probably already know. So when I found ICON underwear aka pee proof undies for women I was beyond ecstatic.

ICON has created a masterpiece and I can honestly say after personal use they are not only beyond comfortable but they actually work for my needs! Plus they have all different styles and colors available for all types of occasions, even lace for special occasions. Yes, special occasions because just because we have kids doesn't mean we stop wanting to be cute and sexy!

My personal favorite is the high waisted (pictured below in Spice) mostly because of where it hits on my stomach but also because I wear a lot of high waisted clothing! I also love how much coverage the underwear provides without hitting me in the wrong spot and giving me a wedgie (no woman has time for wedgies)!

I love knowing what is used in making products that I use everyday so let me share that knowledge with you! The Icon underwear has multiple ultra thin layers to help protect you from that uncomfortable feeling. A fast drying inner lining that keeps you from feeling damp and an absorbent layer that offers a non-bulk aspect during a leak. An anti-odor layer which is ultra amazing because nobody wants to smell unhygienic. Lastly a leak proof layer that helps prevent possible dampness onto your clothing! They even have two different absorbency levels (light and moderate) allowing different stages of each woman's experience. I mean, the essentials are all there to support a mama during this journey in her life!

Check out these images below to see how thin the layers actually are and see the soft polyester and nylon center and lining textures giving you a comfortable, leak proof underwear for every occasion.

If you want to feel comfortable in your own underwear again, one of the most intimate things you can wear, check out what Icon has to offer you http://bit.ly/andreaicon and use code ANDREA5 for $5 off your purchase! Check out all the other women loving Icon underwear on their Instagram.


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