I can’t even tell you how many times I have gotten compliments on how I keep my whites so white. I never really thought about it but I honestly think it’s because I never spill on them, which is super crazy because I spill everything. (It’s a family curse .)

Of course, that changed slightly once I had a kid of my own. Not only did I have to protect my whites from myself, but also my daughter. This is actually a terrifying thought. I can honestly say there hasn’t been one day that my daughter hasn’t gotten some sort of (literally) anything on my clothes. Food, poop, boogies, dead bugs, dirt…(kids are delightful.)

I always liked getting that compliment for some reason about my whites though so I still tried to keep them clean. Even Lo’s whites ( a mission I never should have set out on.)

She doesn’t have very many clothes that are fully white but she does have one tank top from Target that she wears with her athletic shorts (because she hits the gym so often..) For some reason this is her absolute favorite shirt so I let her wear it pretty much whenever. This just means that it gets dirty A LOT and I have to wash it like 5X a week to maintain it.

Well, I realized after a few weeks of this that the stains were no longer coming out so I tossed it. But of course my child noticed it was missing so I had to bring in a backup. Actually I brought in my 5. Thank goodness it’s only $4 from Target!

So now you all know, my real secret to keeping whites white is just to buy multiple of them and hope that the hubby doesn’t notice..


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