Growing up I always heard the phrase, "kiss it" and it would feel better. Meaning if you fall down and scrape up your knee, just kiss it, and all will be ok. I honestly don't remember my parents really saying this much but for some reason the memory of this phrase is trapped in my head.

What I do remember is always having a tough mindset about everything. Whether I fell down the stairs (and broke all my toes) or got a splinter, I didn't get too upset at the actual pain because it was always going to be ok.

Once we had Lo, I always knew that I didn't want her to be a wimp. I wanted her to be a little tough and little crazy. I didn't want falling down to be the end of the game for her so I figured I would pass along this phrase. So, I started telling her "kiss it."

Usually this would mean she'd run up to me crying because she slipped on the floor and point to the boo-boo and I'd kiss it and she was magically healed.

Lately she has had to become more independent since Lenny has been around. So, sometimes she'd have a fall and I'd have her kiss it herself but in the end it healed her somehow and the same concept applied.

Until the other day.. Something was really hurting and she needed mama to kiss it. Her own kisses just wouldn't do.

Apparently she slipped on some snow one too many times and her bum was hurting. So she asked me to kiss it.

No big deal I guess. A bruise is just another bruise no matter where it's located so I obliged and told her to come to mama for the healing powers.

Big mistake.

I put Lenny in her swing and turned around to a little pale booty straight in my face with Lo's hand pointing the exact spot that needed my magical ways and hearing those sweet words "kiss it, mama." Apparently the kiss doesn't really work unless it's skin to skin...

Welp, here goes nothing.


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