Lennon's room is finally done and I cannot even tell you how excited I am about it. I have to admit I haven't been actively working on it because well..she is a baby and could care less. Plus, she still sleeps next to my bed and doesn't use her room anyway..

Let me start by saying I absolutely adore every small shop I was able to work with on her room. Each one was able to come up with the most unique and stunning piece to add to her room and help make it perfect!

Let's check it out, shall we?..

Let me start with one of my absolute favorite pieces from Whisker Row. I actually drooled a little when I first saw the owners work because it was simply beautiful. This particular piece is hand woven with wool roving and dyed with a natural dye made from avocado skins and pits, which only makes me feel more comfortable having it in my little ones room. I love how this piece stands out so much without even trying. Whisker Row also makes other gorgeous works such as macramé and she is able to produce different colored dyes as well. If you love her work as much as I do be sure to check out her Instagram and website!

Next up is this absolute brilliant wood circle name sign which completely encapsulates the room! Of course, it shares a personalized perspective but I actually love it even more because of all the roses. Common Oak made my day with her attention to detail and color. She was also super patient with my decision making and was one of the first people to know Lennon's name! Check out her instagram and website!

Let's get closer to that gorgeous wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decals. It is literally the perfect combination of subtle but still unique. I love the floral look and that there are also roses in some parts to match the personal touch of Lennon's middle name. Check out their Instagram and our exact wallpaper here.

I have also shared this darling rose garland before but Simply Petals deserves another shout out! She makes custom orders but actually has a floral business for those of you local to the Denver area. Check out her Instagram and website!

We all love a cute elephant, at least in my opinion they are adorable so I simply had to add his sweet rocker to her room for a fun aesthetic but I know she will adore it as she grows! This elephant can be found at Pottery Barn Kids and can be personalized.

Who wouldn't love something that is cozy, fun, safe, and sleepable? The answer is everyone would love it, DUH! I have always loved Dock A Tot because I know little Lennon wont fall out if she starts to turn or roll over. I think it is the perfect combination of quality, style, and safety which are all on my checklist for any baby item. My favorite part about this besides feeling comfortable with Lenny being in it is that it has a sweet play bar hanging above if you choose to add it. Lenny seriously will lay and reach for these little animals non-stop and it's so cute listening to her talk to them. I also love that they offer all sorts of colors, patterns, and sizes too fit your specific needs. For the exact Dock A Tot, arch, and animals. You can check out how other people have styled their Dock A Tot on their Instagram.

THIS RUG YOU GUYS!!!! All I have to say is Lorena Canal knows what they are doing because holy smokes it is beyond soft and beyond cute, but guess what else it is....WASHABLE! Yep, I said it and it's true. The pattern and colors are perfect but the fact that I can just throw it in my washing machine when something gross like baby poop gets on it is AMAZING. Check out their Instagram for other gorgeous styles and my exact rug here.

Okay, I understand this is hard to read in photo view but this is something I drew up myself from an incredibly special poem that my dad wrote to: Lennon - from: Harlow. My dad has always had a sweet way with words and he has always written me sweet poems at significant times in my life. When Lo was born he wrote one to: me - from: Lo which makes me cry every time but this time I wanted to be able to share this with you all because its too good not to share. I hope you enjoy this personal piece and maybe it will inspire you to add a creative/personal touch to your nursery.

Listen up Sis and I will spill the beans

About all the wonders you have not seen

They let us play and read books all day

With hugs and kisses no matter what we say

There are beautiful mountains and snow all around

With toy stores and boutiques just waiting to be found

With both of us now you will get more attention

So keep them distracted while I do things I can't mention

Thick as thieves that is how we will be

I will always have your back just you wait and see

Even though you are small you are all mine

Hurry and grow so we can play all the time

Of course I added a few other more minimal things from Target and Hobby lobby because...how could we not? Things such as fun baskets, we painted the dresser white with gold hardware, gold framed vintage mirror, a sweet photo of the girls in a super cute frame, and comfy stuffed animals. Our favorite is the cuddle and kind mermaid doll, seriously so sweet and with every purchase you help provide meals to 10 children in North America and around the world. How freaking amazing is that?

Well, I hope that you adore Lennon's room and the awesome brands and styles I was able to add to it. I think once she is a tad older she is going to love it as much as I do, I know Lo loves it based on how often she sneaks in there and plays. Typical sibling love.

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