My hubby decided it would be a good idea to get a dog now, but it’s not for reasons you’d think. You’d think that since miss Lo is getting older and smarter he’d want to get her a pup to enjoy, however his reasons are a bit more ridiculous than that.

Now that Lo is understanding her surroundings and recognizing everything that’s going on it’s not as easy to get away with everything.

For instance, farting. No one can fart and blame the sound or smell on poor, innocent Lo anymore. She laughs when she farts these days which is a total tell, which basically means we are shit out of luck.

Therefor my hubbies brilliant idea is to get a pooch to blame it on. He’s sort of an evil genius I suppose. One of the many redeeming qualities I married him for. Now… any dog suggestions (preferably an easy target..)?


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