Let me start by saying I am not a miracle worker, potty whisperer, or knowledgeable on the subject at all. In fact I have never read a potty training book or article in my life (ok, that’s a lie I have skimmed one or two of the bolded areas of an article..) I wasn’t even sure where to start or when “training” was supposed to be over. I personally felt like this was a boot camp for my kid to learn how to aim her potty into the right bowl. But.. whatever I did worked for my little Lo and thank heavens it did.

I had asked around about potty training in the past from friends who were taking it on at the time and gathered some intel but nothing that made me feel super confident about the big day. I definitely was less prepared than my daughter if that tells you anything. What I knew before the big day:

1. You will need a toddler toilet.

2. You will need large amounts of patience. We had intended on doing the potty training in 3 days concept I had heard about but I only had two days off work so that’s what we went with. Make sure your kiddo is ready to train! My daughter loves to be naked and she already would tell me when she was “going” so I figured those were signs but it probably varies to each child. Usually we are trying to do everything to keep Lo in her clothes (seriously you’d think she was raised in a nudist colony) but for this special weekend we did everything to keep them off. Nakedness is key. I pretty much let her roam the house and backyard free as a bird just in case she might have an accident. The only times I laid out a towel or blanket was for snuggles on the couch. I love her but I still prefer not to have another persons bowels on me 😒…

Most of us have heard of the term “turtling” or “prairie dogging” right? It’s a kind of a disgusting slang for I NEED TO SHIT NOW OR ELSE….Well it’s something you can imagine but you never actually witness occurring, I guess that imagination goes out the window during potty training because I’ve never seen someone run so fast for the toilet, while crying, and “turtling” at the same time. TMI I know but this is something anyone about to potty train should be prepared for.

I realized in this potty training adventure that it’s only going to work if you give into everything your child needs from you. I’m talking constant attention otherwise you are in for a lot of accidents (something I learned in the first few hours.) If your kid wants marshmallows for breakfast, skittles for lunch, and cookies for a snack just do it. Especially after they have sat on the potty. Reward even the tiniest of tinkles because even the little guys deserve something too.

Don’t become discouraged or upset if your babe has a few accidents or a strange response initially to potty training. I didn’t anticipate for Lo to be deathly afraid of her personal potty. Actually what she’s really afraid of is getting her own potty or poopy on herself. Which is somewhat hilarious but also really sad at the same time. But it definitely freaked me out the first few times she cried when she had to go, but I kept on because #motherhood and she slowly overcame her fears…kinda

Who knows if these concepts are real or what actually works for other kiddos but I have to say I’m glad I knew less going in because sometimes as a parent it’s best to make it up as you go. All of our babes are going to have a different reaction and we can’t always predict it, so my best advice is just to read the bolded words…but if you made it this far you are either a way faster reader than me, it’s nap time, or you’re just a rockstar and probably didn’t need my advice anyway! YOU GOT THIS 💪🏼

Now if anyone can tell me how to get her to wipe her own butt I’d be eternally grateful.


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