We have all heard the old saying, “Like mother, like daughter” and most of us either find it to be incredibly true or extremely false. Learning what your child is like and what they will be like is one of the most exciting (also terrifying) things when becoming a parent.

When my daughter was born it was pretty obvious she was her daddy’s girl. They looked like twins based on baby photos and as she has grown it becomes even more undeniable. When most people see me with my daughter they think we look identical and then dad comes in and they are like, “Oh, just kidding, she definitely looks like dad.” ( at least she has my eyes and ears, right?)

Not only does her physical features match her daddy but also her personality but that doesn’t stop her from trying to be like her mama. Wherever we go she tries to be just like me, even at such a young age.

For example,

If I am brushing my teeth, she brushes her teeth.

If I put on my shoes, she puts on her shoes.

If I smack daddy’s butt, she smacks daddy’s butt.

If I am drinking out of a wine glass, she also needs to drink out of a wine glass.

If I am taking a poop, she needs to take a poop.

The list could seriously go on and on. Sometimes I even like to test her to see how far she will go with being like mama. I’ve tried folding laundry (apparently no one likes this.) I have tried twerking ( she is actually pretty good.) I have tried eating kale ( she tried to pretend like she liked it and then spit it out when I turned around.)

Although she can be a tad over the top about this sometimes, it makes me feel so proud that she wants to be so much like her mama.


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