Phewww! Let me take a breath for a second! It has taken me all of 8 months to finish this room. ONE ROOM! I mean seriously, how ridiculous. BUT there are many reasons for this.

For one I am incredibly picky and I knew exactly what I wanted and wasn't going to get anything I wasn't positive about!

And also, we are not made of money. We are a young couple with kids and we live in an expensive state and we can't always afford everything all at once so we took it slow! So, although it took time, it almost makes me feel better now that I am done. 

Anyway, let's get to the goods! The details..

Hmm, where to begin! Well let's talk about the main focus of this corner, the sign! "STAY AWHILE" it honestly took me so freaking long to figure out what I wanted the sign above my fireplace to say. Mostly because I wanted it simple, but also because I knew it would have to be large and I didn't want it to be completely random.

I was lucky to work with Custom Creations by Christina out of Kansas City who makes gorgeous custom signs with impeccable wood and hand written designs.  I mean, my goodness...It's huge, it's beautiful, it's simple, it's exactly what I needed and imagined and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!


We all need a warm spot to sit in the morning! You know the place, where the sun beams in slightly, while you drink your coffee, and imagine what the day will be! Although in my case it usually consists of cold coffee, little fingers pulling on my hair, and someone getting Nutella on my pretty white blanket.

But, at least I have my spot. My beautiful spot, with this beautiful bench! I am not kidding when I say that I searched high and low. This is one of the pieces I knew I needed because I have huge windows, with high ceilings, and this spot is right by my front door AKA it needed to be an open space. Hence, a bench, but I wanted backless, I wanted strong bones, I wanted simple with an edge. The search was endless until I found Poly & Bark, and just like that I realized dreams really do come true. The detail is gorgeous, the quality is perfection, and most of all it's comfortable! 


Sometimes its the little things help make a space. This window is super small and super random. It's right next to a huge window, high wall, and behind the fireplace (see above photos). So I knew it needed to be a bookcase which is totally cool, I have always wanted one but I never realized what I would want to fill it with. So the randomness began. 

Ikea was my shit! I got fake plants, baskets etc...And then JcPenny was my shit! I got a vase, candle, photo frame..etc. Then I basically filled it with things. Yes, things. Books I am reading, a sign from my wedding, fake flowers, and a tiny vase... to be honest, I still don't think I am in love but I wasn't going to hold off on my post to fix 1-2 tiny things. I will keep you updated if I find any must-haves but at this moment I am content!


Okay, moving onto my next corner because I love the aesthetic! Obviously the photo frames are my focal point, I mean they are gorgeous. B & W. Matte. 20x24. Lovely black bamboo frames. All done by the lovely Frame Bridge. 

This was one of those things that I knew I wanted. I love photos and I love memories that you get to re-experience when you look at them and boy do these frames give me those beautiful memories!  I look at the top left and see the first photo of Lo kissing her baby sister. The first documented moment of their love.

I look at the top right and see the first moment Lo and I ran thru a field and she stopped for a moment to ask about her baby sister and if she was out of breath like her.

I look at the bottom left and remember my miscarriage, my loss, my suffering. But then I also see my beautiful Lennon, my miracle, my rainbow baby, my future. 

I look at the bottom right and I see my girl, my first born, my beginning. She is so beautiful and it's terrifying because she is fierce, but it will be her greatest strength.

Choosing photos for your home shouldn't be about what looks the most beautiful, it should be about what brings a smile, a tear, a moment across your face. 


I am clearly a fan of wicker, neutrals, and simple pieces bringing the room together. Sometimes I wonder if it's too neutral, but then I realize I add pops here and there to bring more! My faux fur adds texture. My fake hanging plant and three legged side table add a spacious element. My sweet flowers in a simple vase. I don't know maybe I am crazy but it's easy to clean and its pretty.

My side tables are simple, elegant glass tops with 3 metal legs also from Poly and Bark! They are awesome because they could pretty much go anywhere in my home, although make sure to place them wisely so your toddlers don't run into them (seriously though..haha)


My very FIRST piece was our Langley storage cabinet, isn't it magnificent? Well, I think so. This is from one of my favorite places in the world, World Market! This place is amazing for many reasons but I love doors, the storage space, and the open windows to add more to them. I think it's fun that if I ever get bored of wicker I can switch it up! But for now and I have a feeling for awhile. I am obsessed!

Our rug is from RUGS USA, Nacoda rug in 7x5! I love this place because you can find quality, style, and you can't beat the prices. It adds a bit of extra bohemian vibes, which I absolutely love! I also love the tassels on the end and fun diamond shapes outlines by shag! When we received the rug it was a tad smaller than we wanted so instead of getting a larger one we placed a much larger solid shag rug 9x12 from esalerugs beneath it to emphasize the smaller one but add to the space!

One of my favorite finds is our coffee table! I literally found it on amazon BUT I can't find this exact one anymore sadly, however here is a similar one by the same brand. It's amazing. It is so unique and it adds so much uniqueness to our space. My husband hates it, but only because Lo sticks crayons in it, but I can easily get them out with tweezers, so all is well! I also love how easy it is to clean and the randomness of each piece of wood!


Obviously, I am not covering every single piece. Most of my blankets and pillows are from Target, as well as my coffee table center piece. Our couches are AMAZING and from American Furniture Warehouse in Colorado. I honestly don't know if this place is all over or not but if you have a chance to visit one they have spectacular deals and pretty much all different styles!

Also...all of my plants are fake because my husband doesn't want me killing anymore real plants and they are from hobby lobby and Ikea!

Overall..I LOVE IT, the only thing I want to change is painting the walls white, adding a large black mirror on the other side of the back windows, and put the TV on the wall! All in time I suppose!

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