It’s only a matter of time before your children become more independent and start making friends on their own. I always imagined my daughters first “self made” bestie would be just as sweet and innocent as I feel she is (at least 30% of the time.) But boy I was in for a big surprise.

The first day I met Vivy she was as sweet as can be. She was a year and a half older than my daughter so she already had a lot of life under her (2.5 years of life to be exact.) She walked over to me holding my Lo’s hand and asked if I was her mama and gave me a big hug. She smiled and waved as we walked out the door and I was so proud of my little Lo for making a friend.

It was only two days later before the incident occurred. Lo was running and tripped over her baby doll and it all came so naturally. As Lo fell to the ground and landed on her face, she didn’t cry, she just sat up and said “Oh shit.”

OH SHIT… is exactly what I thought after she said it. I laughed so hard I had to hide behind the blanket so she didn’t think I was proud or anything. After a few more days of little trips and falls and ‘oh shit’s, I realized I should probably be an adult and figure out how to stop her from saying this phrase.

I asked her daycare who definitely verified that her BFF was the instigator and that they’d been working on it as well. But every time she says it and I try to correct her by saying literally anything else (shoot, darn, ouch, uh-oh) all I get in return is a big, silly smile that says “shit, shit.”

It’s like she is trying to tell me that I am wrong and she knows she is right. I have to admit I am a little impressed that she actually can place “oh shit” in context. Props Lo, props…


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