We have all been there. You know the place... where you cannot find your sunglasses to save your life and after 15 minutes of in depth searches and calling in special forces you find them on your head. Well I guess the same goes for toddlers.

It all started at dinner. It was no special night and definitely not a special meal. We were having hot dogs ( does grilling them count for parenting points?) It had been a long day and the hubz was leaving town for work the next morning so we were in no rush for a sit down meal. It was more like a hectic night of washing laundry so he had enough boxer briefs to take with him...Needless to say paying attention to Lo's every need wasn't my first priority.

At least that was until she started screaming bloody murder.. I mean this was the real deal...tears effortlessly streaming down her face, snot bubbles out of her nose, and the loudest mama's you have ever heard. I was truly terrified for the first moments because she was hardly breathing between words.

Now, my Lo has always been a bit on the dramatic side but when she told me what was wrong I didn't even have words.... Hot dog.

"My hot dog is missing..." to be exact.

Yeah, I don't know either...

I assumed she hid it or something... but no...what happened???

She ate it.

She couldn't believe it herself honestly but the truth is the truth.

As usual, I need wine.


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