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I have always loved to work out and I absolutely love trying new exercises, challenging myself to learn new techniques, and setting fitness goals. My fitness goals are pretty simple though, enjoy your workout. If I don't have fun or like what I am doing I have a habit of going less and less, which isn't good for me. That's why when I heard about Mind Body in Denver I was so excited to try it out. The opportunities to try different work out classes, studios, coaches..etc set me up for success because it's right at my fingertips, which also means NO EXCUSES! So far I have started trying out an Aerial studio in downtown Denver, Air Fit Denver, and it has been nothing but a blast. I knew the class wouldn't be easy but it's definitely a work out, which makes it even more amazing because I am having fun and being physically active. I also love the instructors and atmosphere. Everyone radiates positive energy and there is zero judgement!

Using the Mind Body app has helped me find unique workouts that are easily customized and flexible with my schedule as a busy, working mama. It's great to find new styles of exercise and be able to go at any time of the day and even bring my kids to their childcare facilities so I don't have to worry about finding a sitter. It's also been a great opportunity to branch out and meet other parents through the mommy and me classes that allow the kids to join in a fun workout with you!

I am truly looking forward to finding more amazing spots using the Mind Body app and can't wait to share what fun opportunities I find around Denver. Luckily Mind Body is in a lot of other cities, so if you aren't here make sure to check it out and see if you can find great opportunities for yourself!


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