Being a nanny when I was younger taught me a lot about parenting in general but there was always something I never understood, laundry. Now before you call me dumb, I obviously understand what laundry is and how it works but what I never understood was how there was always so much of it and why it was so hard to get done once you have kids.

I would always see piles of laundry in a million places and would never dare go into the actual laundry room. One time I had to go in because I couldn’t find one of the kiddo”s swim suits and I was instantly knocked over by a load falling out the door ( that was a dark day..)

It wasn’t until I became a mama that I truly understood what mom laundry was and yes it’s a real thing. A very real, very scary thing.

I honestly don’t really completely comprehend it yet but I am working on it. I mean I am positive I do laundry AT LEAST twice a week, usually more. Yet somehow there is always more loads. I could actually do laundry every single day of my life and fill my entire day because that’s how much there is. I have one child and one hubby ( yay, monogamy!) but somehow we have enough laundry to dress an entire village 3x a day.

I guess I have realized that I am not a particularly good laundry-er? laundry doer? I will run errands or do something else with my life in between loads, which I feel is pretty common ( I mean who just sits and waits for laundry to be done?) Anyway, my problem is actually that I forget to go check the load and change it. So in all actuality I usually have to re-do the same load at least twice, sometimes more.

I would just like to say that this is something I am not proud of and if any mama’s out there have found a solution to the mom laundry conflict please feel free to share with the rest of us!


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