I actually forgot my real name for awhile. Someone would yell my name from a few feet away and I wouldn’t respond. Not because I’m a bitch, but because I literally forgot my name. Andrea isn’t really my name anymore though. My new name is mom. Actually that’s a lie too, my new name is mom, mom, mom, mom…you get the point.

I also share this name with millions of other people in the world. I mean, sure it’s an honor. But most of the day I just wanna scream back at my Lo, Lo, Lo, Lo, Lo…. usually I don’t but I have to admit it slips sometimes.

I used to notice this when I was younger too but never really thought much of it. I would be out with my parents and yell at my mom and usually my mom wouldn’t answer but I’d still get at least 3 or more looks from other crazed looking women in the grocery store, who would look away with the pleasure of feeling that time the “mom” wasn’t for them.

Mom. It’s kind of a funny word. I mean, i hear it on the monitor in the morning and wake up feeling blissful because I get to see my Lo another day. And then 10 minutes later I want to run away from the word because somebodies eggo waffle isn’t toasting fast enough.

It’s a love – hate relationship that only we (mama’s) get to experience and only we get to cherish.

I have to admit that at the end of the day I’d rather hear my new name than my old one.


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