Let's talk favorites, baby favorites that is! This is an ever changing subject and something I personally love to share because I always love a good recommendation from a mama in the same shoes. There are too many different brands out there sharing the exact same products with just the tiniest differences to make them there own and sometimes this is no biggy, but sometimes it's necessary to recognize what has or hasn't worked for other people! So, here I am sharing some of my baby registry favorites! 10 of my favorite registry items that I have been obsessed with for Lennon since day 1 and I want to share some of my experiences (#mamalogues) with each to help you grasp why I love some of the items.


Let's talk about baby's belly because we have to fill it with some milky goodness in one way or another. Whether you use breastmilk or formula we all need to have a handy bottle for countless reasons. One of the biggest reasons we use Phillips Avent Natural baby bottles is to share the beneficial joy of feeding Lennon with my husband, toddler, and friends/family. Feeding a baby is one of the sweetest things, they stare into your eyes, often sleepy, but ever so lovingly and it melts your heart (to say the least.) This is why I want to allow other people to experience this bond and why it is so important to find a bottle you love and helps the other important people in your babies life share these special moments. There's nothing like feeding a baby into blissful sleep, am I right? (I'll pretend I can hear you in the distance...) You're right!


Soothing is key to every baby, but not every baby can be soothed the same way. Some prefer to be rocked, some prefer to be swaddled, the list could go on and on and on and.. you get it! Find what fits your lifestyle best and what you feel comfortable with, because mom gut is real (and no I am not talking about the lovely pooch our sweet angels leave us with.) For my family we use two specific things to help sooth Lennon and we even used them for Lo when she was a baby.

One of those things is the Phillips Avent pacifiers! We actually use two different types of their pacifiers because we learned that Lennon likes the Soothie for when she wants to go to sleep and she likes the Freeflow for when she wants to play/chew on it. This honestly completely amuses me because you truly have to understand and learn your babies communication methods (i.e. cries) to figure out what works best for them!

My second soothing option is kind of a triple threat because it does more than offer a soothing moment for your little one. The Aden + Anais Swaddle blankets are perfection in fabric. Not only are they perfect for swaddling your baby up snug like they're in the womb, but they can also be used as a cover for nursing, light blanket for your baby on windy days, something to cover the car seat or stroller when it's too sunny..etc I am pretty sure the list goes on but seriously get some.. I have too many but it's a good problem to have.


This next item is something I am new to but 100% excited to share with you! Seriously, ladies who travel for work or just need a weekend away, Milk Stork is your best friend. I don't know how many of you have traveled via plane and had to bring milk bags along for baby or were away traveling and pumped the whole time, but it's exhausting traveling with it. Seriously. TSA makes you do all sorts of crazy stuff while testing the milk and it's just an extra 30 minute hassle in most cases. Which is why Milk Stork is amazing, this service will send you a box TSA approved and you can either take this box to store your frozen milk in at no extra charge on the plane or Milk Stork will deliver it for you (this would be good for road trips too.) I mean, genius. I am using the service next week on my trip to Virginia and I am ready to feel less stressed about traveling with frozen milk bags.


One of my all time favorite things I received for a registry gift was a babies First year journal. I know it sounds like it may be boring and you would get behind writing in a journal but every time I look back at Lo's first year book and the achievements, defeats, and beautiful moments I wrote down I get to cherish those, when I might not have remembered them if I hadn't written them down! Just a few short notes to commemorate your day with your little one!


Before I had kids I never thought about getting all of the little items on registries such as toys and books..etc because I didn't think it would be as exciting but let me tell you it's one of the best things because you otherwise might not have thought to get them later on.

For instance at my shower everyone brought a book instead of a card and wrote a special note in it for both my girls and let me tell you every time I read one of those books I take a moment to read the note and appreciate that person and it is incredibly special. Something one day your kids will also see as special. It also serves as a reminder to keep in touch with old friends because let's face it parenting is hard and sometimes it only feels like you and a baby.



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