Growing up we always here how fast time goes and how quickly we will grow up. I remember always rolling my eyes at the countless times I heard these phrases from an assortment of family and friends. Like many things in life, at such a young age we take these words of wisdom for granted. We can’t imagine that we will be adults one day, but we can’t wait to be, therefore we rush to grow up and let our childhood slip into distant memories.

Now that I have become an adult(ish) and have a family of my own, I understand these words more than ever. I understand that time slips by so easily and that all we have are the sweet memories and photos we were able to capture.

One of my distant memories from childhood was when I was 11 years old and my dad took me to the mall to go shopping. He grabbed my hand, just like any other day, because I was his little girl and he loved that everyone knew that. But on this particular day, I pulled away. He looked at me with a little bit of confusion and sadness and I told him “Dad, people will see” as if to say he embarrasses me.

I personally, don’t remember this day all to well, but my dad, he remembers it like it was yesterday. He always told me that day was one of the hardest days of his life, because his little girl let go.

Thinking back to this moment, now having my own child, it puts me in tears. I think about how hard that moment really must have been for my dad, although it wasn’t really even a thought in my mind at the time. But dad, if your’e reading this, I want you to know that just because I let go of your hand, doesn’t mean I ever let go of your heart.

I recently did mommy + me Christmas photos at Union Station in Kansas City and below is one of the photos captured. This photo might possibly had not meant so much to me, without the previous story, but now it means the world. This photo reminds me that one day my little girl will let go of my hand, just as I did with my own father. But if I do my job right, she won’t let go of my heart.


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