I don’t know if this is just me but once I became a mama (or really since I became pregnant- or maybe even before) all boundaries went out the window. I mean, nothing was sacred anymore. You’d think I completely forgot how to have manners, but actually I just don’t care…or maybe I just don’t always have the option to have proper manners?

I am not talking politeness, chivalry, or common etiquette (I still say please and thank you.) I am talking I don’t care who is in the bathroom, while I am taking a shit kind of manners.

My hubby is always telling me to shut the door, when I am in the bathroom. But when I shut the door, he still barges in. Besides, Lo loves to sit in the bathroom on the trashcan while I go to the bathroom. I am not sure why, maybe she thinks I need a support system?

So, maybe I am just really bad about my “body” manners. For instance, I am totally okay with any woman seeing my boobs these days. Maybe, it’s because I am a nursing mama (but I still cover up, so probably not.) I think it’s probably because I feel like my boobs are controlled by a tiny human so they aren’t really even mine anymore.

Also, since I am a younger mom, a lot of my friends are curious about my boobs. I don’t blame them, they’re kind of cool (but also super annoying.)

I know I am not the only mama out there with boundary issues, because let’s face it mama’s talk even more than 13 year old girls. I have had so many moms whip their boobs out to show me a weird mark or a hickey their baby gave them (even on the first mom date- I mean buy me dinner first ;))

As weird as these boundaries are, it’s always nice to know that there are people that love you, no matter what you do.

Here is a photo of myself and another nursing mama on my wedding day (luckily this one is appropriate) but you can totally see the curiosity in the other girls faces- mama’s are so fascinating.


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